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Gerard Weber is a Creative Director in New york city.

With eleven years of experience, Gerard has worked with a range of brands creating global campaigns. Currently, he is a Creative Art Director for VICELAND, VICE's TV Channel.  When he isn't skateboarding or bicycle touring, you can find him upstate, near Woodstock where he grew up.

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Emmy, Short Form NonFiction or Reality Series, 2017

Promax, Weed Week, Total Package Art Direction and Design: Chanel Image: Program, GOLD, 2017
Promax, Weed Week Campaign, In-House Program Campaign, GOLD, 2017
Promax, Weed Week Rolling Tray, Promotional Card: Folded or Bound Piece, GOLD, 2017
Promax, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: The Gang Comes to VICELAND, Syndicated Promo: Promo Campaign, GOLD, (2017)
Promax, The Untitled Action Bronson Show Trailer, Clip-Based Nonfiction Programming Promo, GOLD, 2017
Promax, VICELAND Text IDs, On-Air Typography, GOLD, 2017
Promax, Things, Interstitial / Short Form Spot or Campaign, GOLD, 2017
Promax, Things, Channel ID, SILVER, 2017
Promax, Things, Special Project, SILVER, 2017
Promax, Hamilton's Pharmacopeia Season 2 Campaign, Nonfiction Programming Campaign, SILVER, 2017
Promax, 420: A Spaced Odyssey, Holiday/Seasonal/Special Event Spot, SILVER, 2017
Promax, Find Us, Outdoor Static Campaign: Art Direction & Design, SILVER, 2017
Promax, Weed Week, Stunt Promotion Package, SILVER, 2017
Promax, Viceland: A Onesie, Premium or Specialty Items, BRONZE, 2017
Promax, Women's March: Postcards to the President, Promotional Card: Folded or Bound Piece, BRONZE, 2017
Promax, VICELAND Brand Package, Total Package Channel Image: On-Air Only (Art Direction & Design), GOLD, 2016
Promax, Right Now: 15s, Channel image Promotion: Campaign, SILVER, 2016
Promax, Right Now: 15s, Channel image Promotion: Campaign, SILVER, 2016
Promax, Right Now on VICELAND, Radio: Copywriting, BRONZE, 2016

Clio, VICELAND Brand Pacakge,  Brand Identity, Network/Series Identity, GRAND, 2017
Clio, VICELAND BUS, Out of Home, Other, GRAND, 2017
Clio, Weed Week Storefronts, Out of Home, Other, GOLD, 2017
Clio, Weed Week Tiny Stuff, Special Shoot Spot/Promo, GOLD, 2017
Clio, Weed Week Campaign, Spot/Promo, GOLD, 2017
Clio,Weed Week Campaign, Video Promo Mixed Campaign, GOLD, 2017

Obie, Weed Week Storefronts, Engagement, GOLD, 2017
Obie, Weed Week Walk Of Fame, Media, GOLD, 2017
Obie, Weed Week, Media, GOLD, 2017
Obie, Weed Week Coachella Banner, Contextual OOH, GOLD, 2017
Obie, Find Us, Media, GOLD, 2017
Obie, Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia , Integrated Multi-media., GOLD, 2017
Obie, Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia , Media., GOLD, 2017

ADC, Things, Integrated Campaign, Bronze, 2017
ADC, Things, Social Use, Bronze, 2017

GDUSA,  Postcards from the Women's March, Announcements, Invites + Greeting Cards, 2017
GDUSA, VICELAND Press Kit, Packaging, 2017
GDUSA, Emmy Kit, Packaging, 2017
GDUSA, Text IDs, Television + Motion Graphics, 2017

Webby, @VICELAND, People's Voice Award in Social: Entertainment, 2017
Webby, 420 Special: A Quiz Show, People's Voice Award in Film & Video, 2017
Webby, VICELAND, Mobile Sites & Apps - Best Streaming Video, 2016


Too many Shortlistings to list, but here are two:

Cannes, THINGS, Media & Publications, 2017
Cannes, THINGS, Social, 2017